Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To an Artistic Future!

May 21, 2009 marked the turning of a new page for Strangeloop Theatre. On that fateful Thursday night, roughly a week ago, Strangeloop Theatre discussed the future of the company at our aptly named Artistic Futures Meeting. Many things were discussed including a detailed talk through of the events of Strangeloop's first year, and what has effected the attendees most during that year. Most notably, however, were two bold steps Strangeloop Theatre has taken in its development.

Strangeloop Theatre has decided to appoint the Strangeloop Theatre Board as both administrative and artistic head of the company. This was a structure that had essentially already been in place, but was made official at the meeting. The Board felt that, with the added authority given by the other Strangeloop artists, it could now move forward in bolder and more decisive directions for the good of the company. The members of the Board (Ticha Guillaud, Bradley Gunter, Nathan Hart, Martin Monahan, Thomas Murray, Jill Rafa, Danni Smith, and Dustin Spence) stressed, however, that they would maintain an open structure in allowing any interested artists to participate to the full extent of their commitment to the company, and that, once merited, inclusion in the board was open to all.

The other major decision was made regarding Strangeloop's artistic statement. The previous, intentionally vague, statement has been retired, and a new statement has taken its place.

Strangeloop Theatre examines the theatricality in life and art, and explores the relationship between the story and the telling.

As with the board structure this artistic statement will allow Strangeloop Theatre to have a guiding principle in moving forward with productions and other artistic endeavors. With all of these decisions Strangeloop Theatre will boldly go where no chicken or egg has gone before!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An ending and a beginning

We are about ready to wrap up Strangeloop Theatre's first full production The Millionaire Farmer. As mentioned in a previous post this production has been over a year in the making and it is now in it's final week. The experience of having 47 people all crammed into the Boho theatre (30 audience+15 cast+1 stage manager+1 house manager) has been a riveting and sweaty experience for all involved. In the month of May Strangeloop will be having a postmortem meeting and an artistic directions meeting to go over the experience of the last few months and the last year. We will assess the direction in which the company would like to go. Keep your eyes peeled oh faithful readers and see where we're headed and where we've been. This blog will be updated on at least a weekly basis to let you know the goings on of the company as things unfold at this exciting stage of Strangeloop's artistic life!