Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ferdinand Raimund's The Millionaire Farmer


THE MILLIONAIRE FARMER by Ferndinand Raimund

Translated, Adapted, and Directed by Bradley J. Gunter

April 16th-May 10th at BoHo Theatre

7016 N. Glenwood Avenue, Chicago IL 60626

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 2pm

Featuring: Shannon Bracken, Seth Brown, Lyle Friederichs, Letitia Guillaud, Christine Harrison, Nathan Hart, Whitney Kraus, Linus Lee, Darrin Luginski, Martin Monahan, Jillian Rafa, Jeff Rukes, Danni Smith, Dustin Spence, and Michael Wagman

Cursed at birth, the fairy maiden Anna is banished to earth to be raised by a farmer. Only by marrying her true love – a poor fisher – by her eighteenth birthday can the curse be broken and Anna be reunited with her mother. But her adoptive father has come into a mysterious fortune and now refuses the match. With the deadline approaching, Anna discovers that she has the help of magical friends, and that there are wicked forces manipulating her father. Can Anna find Contentment and break the curse, or will she succumb to the awesome power of Greed and Hate?

With a magical story encompassing the worlds of farmers and fairies, humans and allegorical figures, The Millionaire Farmer examines the theatricality in life and art and explores the relationship between the story and the telling. Utilizing music, improvisational comedy and multimedia presentation, Strangeloop offers a contemporary perspective on this timeless morality play, while maintaining the heart and humor that have made this fantasy a well-loved classic with European audiences for the past two centuries.

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