Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A new year a new Loop!!!

So my friends, theatre goers of every stripe and walk of life, the Strangeloop Theatre blog is back in action! We've got a new year and a new blog all ready to go for you. So... I'd like to thank you for checking back here once again. Strangeloop Theatre is one month away from opening our second full production: Living Quarters by Brian Friel directed by Thomas Murray. Now I know what you are thinking, what on earth does he mean by "full production"? Well it means that we have been spending the past nine months planing and fundraising so that we can present a quality show for four weeks at the Trap Door Theatre! So why don't you come out to see the show!?!

But wait, you say, a month is an awfully long way away... So here's what we have done. This Saturday (1/24) from 3-5 we will be hosting a launch party at the Long Room (1612 West Irving Park Road) you will get to hobnob with Strangeloop Theatre artists, fellow fans, and much much more.

We hope that you will be checking back here regularly at In the Loop where we will be posting all of the most up to date info on Strangeloop Theatre!

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