Friday, September 5, 2014

Hack/Slash Bio: Mel Gill

Mel Gill (Prop and Blood Designer) is an associate member with TUTA and was last seen working with Jacqueline Stone and Joni Arredia on the world premiere of Stoop Time. She has recently worked with TUTA as assistant stage manager for The Jewels at the DCASE theatre, as well as, properties designer with Strangeloop Theatre Company on A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Jackalope Theatre Company on The Peacock and Exit Strategy. Some of her previous work includes: assistant stage managing TUTA's The Dumb Waiter and The Silent Language; special FX for the Soft Cage Film debut YELLOW; and assistant stage managing New Leaf’s Lighthousekeeping. She has worked with such companies as The Pavement Group, Melncolly Theatre Company, Saint Sebastian Players and The House Theatre of Chicago. She is forever in debt to her close friends and family for their love and support (especially her father, 1944-2011). 

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