Sunday, December 6, 2015

Krampus! Bio: Chad Wise

Chad Wise (Chet) is 2 for 3 in playing the mysterious guy that knows what’s really going on in Strangeloop Christmas plays, having previously spouted vague warnings & sported one-eyed looks of dread as Drosselmeyer in 2013’s Nutcracker Nightmare. He also appeared as the Police Chief in 2014’s Christmas Clue-seau and has directed for the occasional Loopshop and worn a toga for the occasional Fight Night entry. Chad founded and ran New Millennium Theatre Company for 12 years bringing the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Musical, MIYAGI! A Karate Kid Musical and Silent Night of the Living Dead to the Chicago stage. When not performing, Chad splits his time between doing the director’s dishes (not a euphemism) and keeping track of all the LEGOs his 6-year-old Boy Wonder can build. Love to Carlos.

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