Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Loopshop 8 Bio: Caitlin Jackson

Caitlin Jackson (Viviana) can't say no when Strangeloop asks her to do something. They can pretty much boss her around as much as they want. Previously, she played Queen of the Fairies in last summer's Midsummer and then a homeless ukulele playing bartender in Christmas Clue-seau with them. Her voice may or may not have been heard in the last Loopshop and you might have seen her for a split second during Thinking Caps. She's a founding member of New American Folk Theatre, an artistic associate with Wayward Productions and an ensemble member with Hell in a Handbag where she can currently be seen playing Bette Midler in Bette, LIVE at the Continental Baths until August 21st. Thanks to Maria. You know what you did. Love to MDKS.

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