Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Loopshop 8 Bio: Linsey Falls

Linsey Falls (Mr. Loozer) is thrilled to pieces to be participating in this festival. His past work includes Chicago productions such as Factory Theater’s Namosaur (TigerAss/Cohort Doctor) and Hotel Aphrodite (Councilman Alton), Prop Thtr’s Slaughter City (Sausage Man), Drumming in the Night (Glub) and Debris of the Prophet (Athiest Gunman), Akvavit Theatre’s A Summer’s Day (Man) and Blue Planet (Bjarki), CityLit Theatre’s The Sign of the Four (Abdullah Kahn/Jameson) and Frankenstein (Karl, Constable, Judge), Adventure Stages Chicago’s Ghosts of Treasure Island (Tom Morgan), Commedia Beauregard's She Sings for You (Patron 1) and See You Soon (Man) and Lifeline Theatre's Lyle Finds his Mother (Mr. Primm/Hector P. Valenti) and The One and Only Ivan. Linsey wishes to thank everyone involved for the opportunity to play!

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