Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back from a Break!!!

Hey everyone. I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I have not updated the Loop blog in two months. Whew how the time flies! In case you were not able to make it out (and shame on you) Strangeloop's production of Living Quarters was a smash hit. Thank you to all who came out and thank you to the fine folks at Trap Door Theatre for letting us use their space!

Just because I haven't updated the blog does not mean we have been resting on our laurels. No in fact quite the opposite. No sooner has Strangeloop closed one show, but we are planning for our 2010-2011 season. That's right I said it season. Strangeloop is hoping to announce a fall and spring show along with a summer Loopshop and winter cabaret here in the next couple of months. We have selected a show for the fall and will be scouring scripts for a show for the spring. If you are a budding (or accomplished) playwright and would like Strangeloop to consider your piece for our Spring 2011 production send your script our way at

We have many exciting events in the works, but now I must get back to reading those scripts. Whew! But I promise the Loop is now back up and running for weekly updates so stay tuned!

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