Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On a completely different note...

So we at Strangeloop are diligently getting the 2010-2011 season put together. Be on the lookout for upcoming events and shows! But just because we don't have any specifics yet does not mean that we don't have theatre going on in our lives. How about you?

I have just gotten back from an evening of Plasticene Physical Theater's From a Fading Light and if you have an evening to go see something totally amazing go check this out. Strangeloop is always trying to develop the new and different, involving our audiences in exciting ways. Well Plasticene has definitely beat us to the punch with this one. Of course they have been around just a little longer that we have (13 years more to be exact)!

So as we are getting our season finalized I will be updating some theatre that is affecting us, some theatre that gets us excited, so that you can know what we will be working toward in the future. Alternately, if you are reading this and have some suggestions for us please send those thoughts our way to

Until next week!

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