Monday, April 20, 2015

Now accepting script submissions for Loopshop 8!

Strangeloop Theatre is committed to producing new or newly adapted work, and our annual workshop series, Loopshop, gives Chicago audiences the chance to see a number of new works by emerging playwrights in one sitting.

The series, now in its eighth year, showcases short plays or scenes from full-length scripts in development for two nights in July.

Submission details are as follows:
  • All submissions must be performable in 10 minutes or less. 
  • All submissions must be original works that have never been fully produced before. Works that have been developed in a workshop environment are acceptable.
  • Adaptations and translations are also acceptable as long as any necessary permissions and rights with copyright holders have been obtained. 
  • In the case of submissions from larger works, the playwright must choose and/or edit the scene or cutting they want submitted to Loopshop and submit that scene or cutting only. We will not accept any submissions longer than 10 minutes for Loopshop. 
  • The deadline for submissions is May 31.
Strangeloop Theatre is committed to play development and the growth of works in progress. Our development process focuses on production-oriented collaboration between writers and artists, as well as readings and performances of scenes that allow audiences to experience and react to the work. To that end, we also welcome submissions that are in early draft or unfinished forms.

You can find information about past Loopshop productions on this blog, on our website and Facebook page.

To submit your work or to ask questions about Strangeloop new play production and development, please contact  Please include "Loopshop 8 script submission" in your subject line.

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