Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meet a Robber: Allison McCorkle on Razman

We'll be sharing perspectives from our cast of "The Robbers" periodically throughout the run. Here's Allison McCorkle (pictured left) on Razman.

What were your initial impressions when you first read The Robbers?
That it was long and incredibly melodramatic, very German. (I actually have a spent a good deal of time with Germans in my past, so I feel comfortable making that statement.) And I was curious as to how it would be cut/if it would be cut.

What's your biggest challenge been working on The Robbers?  How have you dealt with it?
Battling the balance between the truth of the character and the very swashbuckling (to steal a term from someone else) feel of the language against my own sense of humor.

What's your favorite classical play?
Hmmm. I've always been a big fan of Antigone and Medea, but as for the latter, my take on the story is probably a little different from the standard. My first exposure was in middle school, with a book that had a more feminist angle...

If you could play any male role in theatre, what would it be and why?
Generally, anyone English and witty or Irish/Scottish and unruly. But specifically, Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. One of the most important and complex relationships he has is with God. I feel this is expressed very well in the story and the music, and I think it would interesting to form my own version of this man.

What do you think motivates your character, Razman? 
For Razmann, he isn't bored, he just has nothing else better to do, no family and no home- this is his strength.

Other than robbing (or ruling, etc), what kind of job do you think Razman would be good at?
Razmann whittles wood - as a pickpocket he could leave a present behind to replace a wallet. 

What do you think Razmann does to relax when not directly involved in the events of the story?
Oh, Razmann drinks. For relaxation, it's Vodka. 

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