Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet a Robber: Moira Begale on Speigelberg

We'll be sharing perspectives from our actors and crew of "The Robbers" periodically throughout the run. Here's Moira Begale (pictured, left) on Speigelberg.

What were your initial impressions when you first read The Robbers?
A little terrified. The script was daunting and long but the story was incredibly intriguing and the character they asked me to read for was a shit-disturber!  

What's your biggest challenge been working on The Robbers?  How have you dealt with it?
The biggest challenge was being honest and truthful as a different gender. I dealt with it by working on my relationships with the other characters and realized that I cannot control the fact that I am not a man but I can be an honest person onstage, reacting truthfully to the situation at hand.

What's your favorite classical play?
Winter's Tale by Shakespeare. It has almost every genre in it!   

If you could play any male role in theatre, what would it be and why?
I would say King Lear by William Shakespeare. Lear gets to live through all the stages of life!

What do you think motivates Spiegelberg?
The fear of being forgotten and the need for fame.

Other than robbing (or ruling, etc), what kind of job do you think Spiegelberg would be good at?
Salesman!  Shoes or insurance.   

What do you think your character, Spiegelberg, does to relax when not directly involved in the events of the story?
Plays darts with Charlie's picture attached to the dart board. 

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