Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meet a Robber: Jaclyn Jensen on Roller

We'll be sharing perspectives from our actors and crew of "The Robbers" periodically throughout the run. Here's Jaclyn Jensen on ONE OF her roles, Roller.

What were your initial impressions when you first read The Robbers?
I'm not gonna lie - it's heavy, so it was pretty slow going for me at first. But there is a lot of good action! I was really drawn to the melodramatic tendencies.

What's your biggest challenge been working on The Robbers? How have you dealt with it?
Creating the physicality of a male character was a challenge for me. I would practice at home over the top to really bring on the masculinity, and then pull back a bit to reach something more natural. And a bit of feedback from guys!

What's your favorite classical play?
Oedipus the King. Aristotle convinced me.

What do you think motivates Roller?
Loyalty and camaraderie are major factors for him. And although he seems like he could likely be the most practical of the bunch, he still craves the adventure and mischief too.

Other than robbing, what kind of job do you think Roller would be good at?
He likes to talk and has a lot of opinions. In that time - reviewer. Now - blogger.

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