Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Midsummer Night's Dream Bio: Mary-Kate Arnold

Mary-Kate Arnold (Helena)
earned her master’s degree from The Birmingham School of Acting (Birmingham, U.K.). She has performed at the Old Repertory Theatre and her U.K. stage credits include Twelfth Night (Olivia) under the direction of Phillip Breen of the Royal Shakespeare Company, After Mrs. Rochester (Ella), and Playhouse Creatures (Rebecca Marshall). Some Chicago stage credits include Of Dice and Men (Otherworld Theatre), Brilliant Traces (25th Hour Theatre), The Water’s Edge (AstonRep), Fahrenheit 451 (OtherWorld Theatre), The Tempest (Accidental Shakespeare), Macbeth (TheMassive), Wendy in Neverland (Kate Zoe Graham), and After Miss Julie (Focal Point Theatre). She is represented by Ambassador Talent, Inc. Also, she is an artistic ensemble member of OtherWorld Theatre, The Murder Mystery Company and an associate ensemble member of Trap Door Theatre. She wants to thank Strangeloop Theatre for this amazing experience, and especially Michael, her Byronic hero.

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